Heat at the Speed of Light: Exploring the Rapid Heating Hob for Quick and Delicious Meals

Heat at the Speed of Light: Exploring the Rapid Heating Hob for Quick and Delicious Meals

Choosing a hob depends on personal preference and the type of cooking you do. But there are also other critical factors like power and safety to consider.

Using an induction hob is easy and efficient, with zones that heat up when cookware is placed on the glass surface. They’re also safe and easy to clean.

High Precision Hob

A high precision hob detects the actual displacement of the holder. It uses a linear position sensor that directly detects the positioning of the hob support, eliminating an intermediate link that can generate error. As a result, the feed-in high precision detection device provides a more accurate actual displacement for shaving and thicknessing operations.

The new INNOhob(tm) is designed to reduce surface roughness. It achieves this by optimizing the grinding cycle. This ensures that the wear-critical peaks close to the clearance faces are almost completely avoided. This postpones the start of gear tooth damage, and significantly increases the hob cutter’s service life.

Bore type Involute Worm Gear Hob Cutter are supplied generally where the gearing has to be done in a plunge cutting condition. These are supplied in single & multi-start ground form and with a choice of surface PVD coatings 2-4 microns. Carbide gear hobs are supplied for generating very fine / Refine micro gear pitches to get high finishing accuracy and to achieve a good production lot.

Smart Heat Distribution

Unlike traditional gas hobs that burn gases and heat the whole surface of the hob, induction models have cooking zones that only emit energy when pans touch them. This allows for rapid heating of cookware, reducing energy use and eliminating the risk of interior gas leaks.

The heating systems are hidden beneath the tough ceramic glass surface and marked with ‘zones’ to indicate their size. This makes them incredibly easy to clean after use, although care must be taken not to bang or drop pots as the surface is made from shatterproof safety glass and could crack. As with all electric hobs, residual heat indicators are fitted to warn that the zones are hot and may cause burns, while automatic ignition only works when the controls are pressed and turned in order to reduce energy consumption.

Some induction models also feature a bridge zone which combines two smaller cooking zones into one larger space to accommodate oversized cookware. Most come with a ‘keep warm’ function that can be programmed to switch the hobs on and off, keeping your food or liquids at the right temperature before serving. A range of automated features are also available, including timers to switch off the hob automatically when the set time is up and Stop & Go which will reduce the power of all zones for safer, more controlled cooking.

Sleek Glass Surface Hob

Gas on glass hobs are ideal for a modern modular kitchen as they have bep dien tu munchen a sleek and sophisticated look. They deliver quick cooking and give you precise heat control. Depending on the model you choose it could feature up to 6 burners including special wok and fish pan supports. They are super easy to clean and come with a wipe-down glass ceramic surface that’s resistant to scratches and marks.

Unlike a metal hob, a glass one has no cookware holes but instead uses the entire surface to transmit heat. This makes them energy efficient as only the exact amount of power required to boil water or melt food is used. However, there is a risk that the glass surface can crack or discolour over time.

Some models have a dual zone that merges two smaller cooking zones into one larger ring. This accommodates different-sized pans and is a handy feature if you tend to have more than one type of saucepan. Some also have a locking function that prevents children from changing settings or switching on the hob. They also usually have automatic ignition. Some induction hobs have shallow spillage wells on the surface to contain liquids when they boil over. These are useful if you have young children or are worried about them touching the hot surfaces.

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